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Brief Solution by Eloise Gendry-Hearn

The Brief

Develop an in-store experience for John Lewis to engage, mesmerise, and nurture their audience of the near future. This can be a lasting change or a pop-up experience, it’s up to you. This isn’t about reinventing the physical store, but focusing on one specific challenge, opportunity, department or instance within the store experience. You could re-invent the way perfume is sold; think about a new, game-playing way of navigating around the store; engage people in products or campaigns in immersive ways... The possibilities are endless. The key is to think about how your idea clearly improves the in-store experience for the customer in some way, whilst keeping in mind the core John Lewis brand.


Who is it for?

John Lewis’ customer base is as broad as its product range. Your aim is to bring in a new audience (think Generation Z).

But this isn’t just about getting new people through the door. John Lewis has a dedicated customer base, so you need to consider a wide range of shoppers.

What to Consider

• For ‘future store’ think: the next three to five years. Look at what’s happening now as well as future behaviours and desires you can predict.

• Be aware of the latest retail innovations and trends so that you can step forward into the future with a keen eye.

• However wild your thinking, make sure there’s a clear notion of how it will improve engagement, experience, sales or brand loyalty.  

Graphics, mock-ups, copy and branding stack by Eloise Gendry-Hearn.

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